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Things to request a copier service company

Written on July 15, 2017   By   in General

Getting a copier Service contract when purchasing your very first office copier or shifting service businesses are equally big decisions. You do research on various machines, try to determine what choices you need to get, and wonder whether the company will provide good service for the purchase price. Here are three things you need to inquire about when speaking to your sales representative. First, are of the technicians trained on the models you are interested in and will you see evidence. You would be amazed how many companies have just a couple of technicians trained on a certain machine. And how do they guarantee a response time with just two techs trained on that model? Most if not all manufacturers offer trained technicians with a certification when training is finished. Service managers need to have a copy of it on file in addition to access to their transcripts. The transcripts reveal everything that tech is trained on.

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Most firms average a 4 hour response time. That’s the time when a tech really walks in through the doorway. Some companies say that reaction time means when you receive a telephone call from the technician permitting you to know they received your phone. Make certain you know which is which. Most individuals pay little attention to their price for duplicates and the corporate copier solutions toronto are betting on it as well! First of All, Know your organization’s needs. Oftentimes you will be paying for copies which will never be utilized. I cannot tell you how many clients sign contracts for 10,000 even 20,000 copies per month when they typical 8,000 copies monthly. It is true, the bigger the block you buy the lower the click fee, but do it really make sense to pay for something you are not going to use? Calculate the fees before you commit to or sign anything.

Another huge mistake is to tie your ceremony in your lease payments. It could be convenient to get just one bill monthly, but there’s not any wiggle room when you register for this sort of service. If you dispute a charge on the rental payment, the rental company will just use the service payment on the contested or deducted amount leaving you in the red on the agency side and you would not know when this is happening. This action may be a real problem in the end of your lease term, because although your rental payments could be present, the ceremony is in arrears and you cannot get out until it has been satisfied.

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