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The Rules for Importing New Cars

Written on October 18, 2017   By   in General

The car industry is among the largest as well as among the fastest growing sectors on the planet. Today, India manufactures greater than eleven million two wheelers and also four wheelers. It is thought that India’s industrial lorry manufacturing as well as auto manufacturing sector is the globe’s 7th largest. In the year 2009, India became the fourth biggest exporter of cars and trucks as well as other guest vehicles in the entire of Asia. India has a huge market for imported high end vehicles and there is a significant need for new and also used vehicles in the nation. In the year 2001, the Exam Policy laid out few constraints on car importations in India. Allow us find out what are the guidelines and laws bordering the importation of autos in India. Inning accordance with the rules lay out by the Indian federal government, the import of brand new cars and trucks shall go through the following standards.

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A new car implies that the car has not been made or set up in India, has never been offered prior to importing in India and also has not been registered in other country for usage. The conditions under which a new car can be imported in the country are mentioned listed below.

  • The new car has a speedometer which shows the rate in km/h.
  • The new car has controls as well as steering on the right hand side.
  • The brand new car has actually been imported from the country where it was made.

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